About Us

Prozone International Company Limited

Prozone International Company Limited is a Hong Kong company providing innovative and high-quality medical, protective, rehabilitation equipment and services like professional medical purification service.

We firmly believe in "Sincere Hospitality, Service First" which drives us to manufacture and collect high-quality, excellent, and reasonably priced medical and industrial products from all over the world. Feel free to inquire and request quotations and samples.

As one of Hong Kong’s own, we deeply understood the public's distressing demand for medical supplies during the epidemic. As s result, we stood firm and committed to our duty of providing or donating materials that met the specifications for different institutions and the public, including several medical institutions, charities, etc.

Our products have won a number of international quality certifications, such as CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FDA, HACCP, RoHS, etc., which are safe and reliable.

Our Belief

Trust and Reliability

Our company is well-establish in the local market, with over 1000 major customers including government agencies, public companies, hospitals, schools, property management companies, etc.

Mutual Benefit

Let us be your preferred medical supplier due to our professional, excellent customer servive and competitive prices.

Continuous Improvement

We understand the unique needs of each customer, and as a result, we're constantly introducing new technologies and diversified products from all over the worid, striving to bring new experience to customers.