Wheelchair repair and maintenance

Wheelchairs are a means of transportation for people with limited mobility. After buying a wheelchair, it must be maintained and inspected frequently, to make the user safe and increase the service life of the wheelchair.

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How to maintain the wheelchair:

(1) Before using the wheelchair and within one month, check whether the bolts are loose. If they are loose, they should be tightened in time. It is recommended to check every three months to ensure that all parts are in good condition, including the various fastening nuts on the wheelchair (especially the fixing nuts of the rear axle) if they are found to be loose, they should be adjusted and tightened in time.

(2) The wheelchair should be wiped dry in time if it is exposed to rain during use. It is also recommended that the wheelchair be wiped with a soft dry cloth and coated with anti-rust wax or oil to maintain its longevity.

(3) Always check the flexibility of the moving and rotating mechanisms, and apply lubricant. If for some reason the 24" wheel needs to be off the shaft, make sure the nut is tight and won't come loose when reinstalling.

(4) The connecting bolts of the wheelchair seat frame are loose connections and are strictly prohibited from tightening.

Battery Maintenance Tips

The service life of an electric wheelchair battery is not only determined by the product quality of the manufacturer and the configuration of the wheelchair system but more importantly, it is greatly influenced by the relationship with the use and maintenance of the consumer. As a result, whilst the quality of the manufacturer is important it is also vital to understand the basics of battery maintenance.

  1. " Fully charged state", develop the habit of keeping the battery fully charged, no matter how long you use it every day, you should recharge it to keep the battery in a “full state” for most of the time.
  2. Perform a deep discharge regularly; it is recommended to perform a deep discharge after every two months of usage.
  3. It is not recommended to store the wheelchair without power; storage of the battery without power will seriously affect the service life. The longer the idle time the more damage to the battery’s service life. Idle electric wheelchairs should be charged regularly and replenished once every two months to keep the battery in a "full state" for a longer time.
  4. If the electric wheelchair is not used for long, the power cord connector should be disconnected to separate the battery from the electrical components to reduce battery discharge.
  5. Avoid high current discharge as overlading the battery will cause damage to it.
  6. Avoid sun exposure especially when charging, keep the surface of the battery clean, and if storing in a car, try to keep the car located in a cool, ventilated, and dry space.
  7. Keep other parts of the vehicle in good condition and replace the consumable parts after a prolonged period to improve the utilization rate of the battery power, these are the basics to maintaining the electric wheelchair’s battery.