UVC Ultraviolet Light Disinfection and Lighting

We understand the importance you place on health and sanitation, so we offer UVC Ultraviolet Light Disinfection and LightingService, effectively kill bacteria and viruses, quickly and thoroughly disinfect, without manual labor, to provide you with a safe and secure space.

Prozone designs and installs beautiful and practical UVC lamps for various types of premises (such as schools, restaurants, charities, homes, nursing homes for the elderly, vehicles, shops and offices). Please call or email for details.

What is UV-C?

The ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun include UVA, UVB, and UVC bands. Ultraviolet-C (UV-C): The wavelength is between 100 and 280 nanometers, but since the wavelength below 200 nanometers is vacuum ultraviolet light, it can be absorbed by the air, so ultraviolet-C (UV-C) can pass through the atmosphere with a wavelength between 200-280 nanometers, the shorter the wavelength, the more dangerous, but because it can be blocked by the ozone layer, only a small amount will reach the surface of the earth.

UV can destroy the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) molecular structure of microorganisms, making bacteria dead or unable to reproduce, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection. UV-C is the shortest wavelength of ultraviolet light, which has the strongest damaging effect on DNA, and has a great destroying effect on bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, molds, unicellular algae... and other microorganisms that harm the human body. Generally, the sterilization effect can be achieved within 1-2 seconds by ultraviolet-C (UV-C wavelength 200-280nm) irradiation.

Light with a wavelength of 260-280nm can destroy the RNA/DNA of bacteria and germs.

How powerful is the UVC light? And how does it kill the germs?


Use microchips to emit high-energy 280nm light waves, physically destroy the RNA/DNA of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, kill all bacteria and viruses in water, objects, and air, and kill all bacteria on air and water objects in a short time and viruses, includinginfluenza, tuberculosis virus, hepatitis virus, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, Candida albicans, mitesetc. Studies have shown that as long as the UV dose is sufficient, there will be no UV-C resistant bacteria, viruses and fungi on the earth. Anything with an RNA/DNA structure can be killed. UV-C LED is the most advanced, most effective, most comprehensive and safest disinfection technology in the world.

The automatic dynamic sensing system of the whole line of products uses microwave radar as the sensing element. In addition to daily lighting, there are also manual and automatic modes, or timing functions. Remote control can be realized on the mobile phone APP, which is convenient and safe. It can realize the intelligent disinfection operation of "People come to illuminate, people go to disinfect", and the automatic dynamic sensing system can effectively detect the dynamic changes in an area with a diameter of 5m.

Figure 1. Without any UVGI protection, it can be seen that the virus spreads very quickly indoors. 
Figure 2 Use UV-C upper layer to irradiate down (can be adjusted to automatically disinfect when no one is around, or use the upper layer to sterilize)
Figure 3 Use UV-C upper layer flat layer irradiation (Use the upper layer for disinfection, people do not need to leave the room)
DisinfectantUV-C light
✘ Manual disinfection is laborious and takes a lot of time
✘ The pungent smelling chemicals are harmful to your health
✘ Chemical residue creates secondary pollution that may trigger allergies
✘ Can’t effectively disinfect corners and tight spaces
✘ Can’t clean the air
✔Automatic disinfection without manual work
✔As effective as the disinfection power of the sun
✔No irritating smell, no chemical residue
✔Quick and thorough disinfection
✔Automatic air purification
The Difference Between Disinfectants and UV-C Lamps

⭐Lower cost, no more "bodily harm"

Suitable for different places

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