Nano air catalyst formaldehyde removal service

We understand the importance you place on health and sanitation, so we offer Nano air catalyst formaldehyde removal service, effectively degrade formaldehyde, eliminate bacteria, and deodorize, providing you with a safe and secure space.

Prozone has a professional formaldehyde-removing coating construction team. After arriving at the site, it will conduct an evaluation and formulate the most effective plan according to the actual decoration materials and environment. It is suitable for various types of premises (such as schools, restaurants, charity groups, homes, nursing homes for the elderly, transportation) tools, shops and offices) to remove formaldehyde by spraying. Please call or email for details.

Indoor Air Pollution

Carcinogenic Chemicals

It is most common in newly decorated interior spaces, where adhesives are widely used in furniture, paint, leather goods, soft bags, mattresses, wooden cabinets, etc., so formaldehyde will be released for a long time, up to more than ten years.

Formaldehyde has an irritating effect on the skin and mucous membranes, such as the throat, eyes and nasal cavity, causing edema, inflammation, ulceration, and even serious lesions such as nasopharyngeal cancer. Skin that has been exposed to formaldehyde may be allergic, and severe cases may even cause hepatitis, pneumonia, kidney damage, and immune dysfunction, etc. Long-term exposure to low-dose formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases, nasopharyngeal cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, Menstrual disorders, genetic mutations in the nucleus.

The harm to pregnant women with infants and young children is more serious, which can lead to fetal stop growth and development during pregnancy, heart and brain hypoplasia, and serious consequences such as fetal malformation and miscarriage.

Its ultrafine particles are 2-7nm, and after spraying, a porous structured transparent film coating is produced. It produces highly active catalysis, catalyzes the generation of H2O2, OH radicals with strong oxidizing power, combines macromolecular inorganic ions, and uses aqueous solution to cover the surfaces of objects, so that it can strongly absorb and quickly decompose the chemical substances in its spatial range. Polluted gas.

Oxygen in the air makes the concentration of parts very low, while other parts of high-concentration pollutants flow to low-concentration parts immediately, and the incoming pollutants are quickly decomposed and turned into non-toxic and harmless carbon dioxide CO2 and water H2O to continuously deodorize and sterilize. Decompose formaldehyde and organic chemical pollutants.

It can deodorize, disinfect and purify the air.

Ultra-endurance friction output test

Passed the strict high-density test of Japan's third-party industrial technology research institute, and the endurance friction output test of up to 10,000 times of back and forth / 100 grams of pressure, the surface of the construction is almost still intact. Calculated by wiping back and forth twice a day, the surface after construction can still be effective for more than 10 years, highlighting the performance of the air catalyst's ultra-lasting power.

Prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi in the airReduce air humidity
bringing mold
Strongly decompose
organic chemical pollutants
After cleaning the decoration
or the peculiar smell in life
New nano-scale air catalyst – as long as there is air, it can catalyze formaldehyde and common organic chemical pollutants, making it oxidized by oxygen in the air. In addition to being used in home and commercial interior spaces, this product can also achieve the effect of removing formaldehyde and antibacterial in some specific environments without visible light.


🟠 Does not damage the furniture surface

Transparent nano ultrafine particles can attach to any area of application and will not cause change in color or corrosion.

🔵Persistent Decomposition Effect

Long-term and effective non-stop decomposition of harmful substances can almost replace air purifier, saving electricity and being environmental-friendly.

🟢Completely Harmless to Human

Being completely water soluble and non-toxic, it is harmless to human and passes chemically-safe testing.

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