Prozone K3 Pro Infrared Forehead Thermometer (Model: PZ508-01, PZ508-01-ST)



Model: PZ508-01, PZ508-01-ST


  1. The product will be accompanied by a thermometer tripod
  2. Can be hung/bracket
  3. Contactless
  4. Auto-sensing


The K3 Pro infrared thermometer detects body temperature with highly sensitive infrared rays. The result can be known within 0.1 seconds. There will be lights and alarms to remind you if you have a fever. The next temperature detection will start immediately without resetting. It is suitable for entrances and exits with high flow of people.

Product Description

2.8“LCD display screen
No connection power supply, 4 Section 2A of the battery can be used for a week
No need to connect computer
It can record 30 data set
Can be used indoors
You can set the lighting and alarm tips
net weight: 303g
Measuring distance: 5-10cm automatic measurement