Prozone Portable Fingertip Pulse Oximeter



Model: PZ507-01


Manufactured in line with the EU CE

Available for instant blood oxygen, heart rate, index to monitor OLED display: blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, heart rate changes in the figure and index large OLED display screen, easy to read . Display oximeter (SpO), pulse rate (PR) . Not affected by outer signal interference. Visual alert device and battery usage

Finger blood oxygen meter can accurately measure your SpO 2 out of blood oxygen saturation, and pulse rate.

You can easily carry to any place and to monitor health.

The products are widely used in family, medical institution and community centers, etc.


Product features:

Blood oxygen saturation measurement range: 70%-99%
Blood oxygen saturation measurement accuracy: 70%-99% range±2% and≤ 70%is not defined
Blood oxygen saturation resolution: blood oxygen saturation±1%, the
Pulse rate measuring range: 30BPM-250BPM
Pulse rate measurement accuracy:±1BPM or measured value±1% of the greater value of the perfusion index measurement range:0.2% -30%
Perfusion index PI:≥0.2%, and±0.1%
Power consumption: below 30MA automatic shutdown:no finger insertion, 8 seconds automatic shutdown
Storage humidity: 15%-80% work, 10%-80%storage
Battery Model: 2*1.5 V 2 AAA alkaline, product does not contain battery)
Use temperature: 5℃-4℃
Atmospheric pressure:70Kpa-106kpa
Material: ABS+PC
Product size: 60*30*30mm

Product net weight: 36g