Prozone一次性ASTM Level 3專業口罩(成人) — 獨立包裝, 30個(型號︰PZ051-30)



Product Number: PZ051-30

Color: White

Packing: 30 pcs in a box, 40 boxes/carton (1200 pcs/carton)

Size: 17.5cm x 9.5cm


American medical ASTM F2100-19 Level 3 standard

*BFE>99% bacterial filtration rate

*PFE>99% particle filtration rate

*VFE >99% virus filtration rate

Blood penetration resistance>160mmHg
Flame retardant level: Class 1

*Super soft and painless ear loops

*Four-fold organ design

* Hypoallergenic soft material

The composition of the mask product: the use of a new material medical non-woven fabric, and the meltblown fabric as the raw material is ultrasonically heated and spot welded. The ear-hook type' nose clip design makes the face more fit and suitable for various face shapes.

Product advantages: breathable, dust-proof, bacteria-filtering, particle-free ultrasonic sealing edge, widened space and comfortable to wear. It can better block dust and microorganisms, wear it for a long time without tightness, no allergic reaction, use smooth cloth to reduce fiber shedding, wash-free, maintenance-free, convenient and practical, safer and more hygienic.