Prozone Disposable Non Woven Strip Cap-Pink (Organ) 21" (100pcs/pack)



Product number: PZ221-100L-PK


Color: Pink

Packing: 100 pcs per pack, 20 packs / carton (2000 pcs / carton)

Specifications: 21 inches, double tendon, can be elongated to 51-53cm ,

Weight : 10g of high-quality non-woven fabric


Shaped caps are also known as headgears and hoods. In the clean room industrial production operation process, the human body is the largest source of dust in the clean room, and the head is one of the sources of dandruff, which generates more dust.

The strip cap is sterilized by ethylene oxide, the product is sterile, non-toxic, and dust-proof and dandruff-proof. Can effectively prevent cross-infection, so wearing a striped cap can effectively reduce the body's dust pollution.