Multifunctional turning and preventing bedsore mattress (with bed cover and electric air pump) (Model : PZAY8080)



Product model : PZAY8080

Product Description

– PU bed cover and PVC air strip, waterproof, breathable
– Dual fluctuations of the alternate function, can reduce the long-term bedridden for the withstand pressure
– Turning angle less than 30°, the better to prevent bedsores
– Volatility period : 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes essays choose
– Left side, right side, lying flat, cycle 15 minutes, 20 minutes essays choose
– Insufficient air pressure and power failure has lighting tips
– Quick connector suitable for bedridden person is during the transfer can be maintained in an inflated state
– Rapid deflation support CPR emergency
- With Fire Retardant Certificate
– 24 of Air strips x 75mm
– Inflated size:2000×900×130mm
– Maximum load bearing: 200kg
– Certification: CE, ISO, FDA