Wheeled Commode(White) (Model: PZFS696)



Model: PZFS696


Product Description

The bath commode chair can be used as a bath chair, commode chair and indoor transfer tool, which is convenient for safe shuttle from the bedroom to the bathroom, and you can shower and go to the toilet without landing

Aluminum bracket, light and durable without rust

Folding free installation design,

Shower Commode can enter most toilets for easy toileting

fixed handrail, plastic toilet seat,

Solid four-wheel, no need to inflate

Easy to use, does not take up space


Product Specification

Total width: 54cm

Seat Width: 46cm

Rear wheel: 7.5cm

Front wheel: 7.5cm

Overall height: 88cm

Seat depth: 44cm

Chair back height: 30cm

Size: 50*21*76

Weight: 7kg