Walking frame (Model: PZAA9631L-1)



型 號︰PZAA9631L-1


Product Description

The walking frame can provide excellent support and stability and is suitable for users with weak muscles and poor balance.

High-strength aluminum alloy bracket, light and durable

Attached with 4" front wheels, driving more smoothly

The height of the walking frame is adjustable, suitable for people of different heights

Ultra-light design, easier to carry

Foldable design, can be easily folded when not in use

The handshake is wrapped with non-slip high-density sponge, which is more comfortable

Easy to operate, suitable for people in rehabilitation


Product Specification

Overall length: 52cm

Full Width: 64cm

Overall height: 73.5-92cm

Dimensions: 57 x 27 x 76cm

Net weight: 2.3kg