Long-lasting disinfection antibacterial coating service

We understand the importance you place on health and sanitation, so we offer Long-lasting disinfection antibacterial coating service, effectively kill bacteria and viruses, such as adenovirus, norovirus, rotavirus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Coxsackie virus (causing hand, foot and mouth disease), providing you with a safe and secure space.

Prozone has a professional sterilizing and disinfecting coating construction team to spray and disinfect various types of premises (such as schools, restaurants, charities, homes, nursing homes for the elderly, vehicles, shops and offices). Please call or email for details.

Anti-virus and anti-bacteria principle of long-term disinfection and antibacterial coating
Long-term disinfection and antibacterial coating mainly by accumulating on the surface of the bacteria, changing the permeability of the cells, water ingress causes the bacteria to swell and burst;

affect the metabolism of bacteria; denature proteins;

Inactivate dehydrogenase, oxidase, and enzyme systems that can decompose glucose, succinate, pyruvate and other enzymes in bacterial cells, so as to achieve the effect of antibacterial and bactericidal.

A virus does not have a cell membrane, but it has an envelope. The viral envelope structure that covers the outside of the nucleocapsid. Viral envelope material is usually derived from the host's cell membrane (carrying host phospholipids and proteins), but also contains viral glycoproteins.

The phospholipid bimolecules of the viral envelope are very sensitive to disinfectants. Therefore, these viruses are more easily inactivated than non-enveloped viruses, which limits their viability outside the host and makes it difficult to spread away from the host.

Long-term disinfection and antibacterial coating can change the permeability of the virus cell membrane, make the cytoplasmic substances of the bacteria extravasate, hinder its metabolism, crack and penetrate the cell wall, cause the bacteria protein to coagulate and precipitate, quickly kill the cells, and finally inactivate and die.

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