Sterilizing Nano Air Filter

We understand the importance you place on health and sanitation, so we offer Sterilizing Nano Air Filter, effectively filter PM2.5 suspended particles, kill bacteria and viruses, and provide you with a safe and secure space.

Prozone provides tailor-made design and replacement of air filters for the central air-conditioning systems of various types of premises (such as schools, restaurants, charity organizations, homes, nursing homes for the elderly, means of transportation, shops and offices). Please call or email for details.

Why do you need an air filter?

There are many pollutants in the air that are invisible to the naked eye. These pollutants can cause irritation to the body, causing coughing, runny nose, sneezing, nausea, headaches, and evenallergic reaction. As time goes on,inhaling pollutants can cause effects on your respiratory system and other body systems.

Airborne allergens include dust, dirt, pollen, mold and mildew spores, fibers and lint, metal, plaster or wood chips, hair and animal dander, bacteria and other microorganisms

You need a good air filter that will help improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by preventing airborne particles, dust, allergens and other substances from circulating into your premises.

Sterilizing Nano Air Filter

ERV Sterilizing Nano Air FilterPleated plate activated carbon filterPleated plate filterCoil fan air filter (pleated type)Bag Air FilterFurnace Air Filter

Four advantages

Effectively kills 99.99% of common bacteria and viruses in the air Save Energy
Cost reduction (TCO)
Corporate Social Responsibility
Our sterilizing nano-filters have different filtration efficiencies (PM2.5-PM0.3, HEPA) to meet the needs of different environments and applications. Effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses, greatly reducing the spread of viruses.
NanoFIL air filter has lower wind resistance through the application of nanotechnology; thereby providing potential energy saving (converted into lower carbon emissions) for central air conditioning systems in commercial buildings and effectively improving indoor air quality.
Commercial HVAC low-resistance air filters that help your business save on energy costs and therefore reduce the total operating cost (TCO) of your building.
Indoor air pollution has become a major environmental health issue today. As part of corporate social responsibility, companies have an obligation to protect their employees and the environment around their operations. Maintaining clean indoor air in the workplace often makes employees feel more energized and healthy, meaning fewer sick days and greater productivity.

Electrospinning nanofiber technology

Electrospinning is an advanced nanotechnology that can be applied to air filter materials to produce nanofiber filter materials. Nanofiber filter material has the characteristics of high porosity, small fiber diameter and pore size. It can achieve mechanical high filtration efficiency, large dust holding capacity, and low wind resistance.

The nanofiber filter material is composed of a substrate layer and a nanofiber layer. The substrate layer is used to protect the nanofiber layer while increasing the rigidity of the filter material. The nanofiber layer has a large surface area, and its interconnected pore structure and small pore size can achieve high filtration efficiency with relatively low wind resistance, and can alsoincrease the antibacterial function and the function of removing volatile organic compounds.

Approved invention patent Sterilizing nano air filter and its manufacturing method

The anti-bacterial nano-air filter has different filtration efficiencies to meet the needs of different environmental applications. Effectively kills bacteria and viruses, helping to reduce the risk of transmission. Effectively removes indoor odors, volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde. The most important thing is to have low wind resistance, and due to the application of nanotechnology, it has high energy-saving potential in the central air-conditioning system of commercial buildings.

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